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Dishwasher cleaner F12kg
Code-No. 173070

Chlorine-free dishwashing detergent commercial dishwashers – suitable for thorough and gentle cleaning of cutlery, crockery and, in particular, glasses.


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Order quantity unit 1 canister  
Designed for Commercial dishwashers  
Content 12 kg  
Model Liquid  
Ph level 14  
HACCP compliant yes  
Chlorine-free yes  
Phosphate-free yes  
Application Dosing via an automatic dosing system  
Application concentrations: 1 - 3 g per litre of water depending on water hardness  
Properties Limited aluminium suitability  
Best material compatibility  
Suitable for all water hardness areas  
Sparkling streak-free glasses  
With special glass corrosion protection  
Perfect shine without traces of rinsing and marks on glasses, cutlery and crockery  
Important information Dispose of residual amounts as intended  
Only dispose of emptied packaging in the dual system  
Keep out of the reach of children  
Exclusively available in Germany and Austria  
Including -  
Width 238 mm
Depth 199 mm
Height 297 mm
Weight 12.0 kg