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Intensive power cleaner F1L, set of 2
Code-No. 173080

Intensive power cleaner for cleaning extremely soiled kitchen appliances and stainless steel surfaces. Reliable manual cleaning thanks to the spray bottle with flexible spray lance – this also allows access to hard-to-reach areas.


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Order quantity unit 1 box (2 bottles)  
Designed for Grill and combi steamer cleaning (without cleaning system)  
Stubborn dirt, especially in kitchens  
Fast, reliable intensive cleaning of heavily and extremely soiled equipment and work utensils  
Use in kitchens and food processing areas  
Deep-fat fryer cleaning  
Ovens, cookers, extractor hoods, tilting frying pans, etc.  
Content 2 x 1 litre  
Model Liquid, viscous  
Ph level 14  
HACCP compliant yes  
Chlorine-free yes  
Phosphate-free yes  
Application Spray product undiluted and leave for about 10 to 30 minutes depending in the level of soiling  
In the case of heavy soiling, heat the appliance to approx. 50°C (without steam)  
Wash off thoroughly with drinking water  
Also suitable for glass and Ceran  
Properties Ready for use  
Removes even the most stubborn dirt  
Soft foam adheres to vertical surfaces, thus longer exposure times  
Spray head with lance for precise application  
Extremely powerful performance on burned-on roast, baked and grilled food  
Efficient spontaneous dissolving for fastest effectiveness  
Free of soap, alkalis and colouring  
Easy to process thanks to ergonomic formula  
Important information Attention: Not suitable for surfaces sensitive to alkali such aluminium  
Exclusively available in Germany and Austria  
Keep out of the reach of children  
Only dispose of emptied packaging in the dual system  
Dispose of residual amounts as intended  
Including 1 spray head  
1 spray lance  
Width 100 mm
Depth 190 mm
Height 260 mm
Weight 2.44 kg