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Bartscher Cloud with full digital service

With the Bartscher Cloud, digitalisation is making its way into the world of our fully automatic coffee machines. Access to the web-based portal is provided when you purchase an appliance.
It can be used either via a smartphone, tablet or computer.



For the 12th time in a row, we were honoured to receive the coveted "BEST of Market" reader award.

This year, our Blender Pro Xtra 2.5l was honoured in the "BESTSELLER TECHNOLOGY" category.

We would like to thank all caterers and hoteliers for once again honouring us with this award and for their continued trust in our products.

Read the official press release from B&L Verlag. (German)

Bartscher NEW PRODUCTS flyer 2024 All of our new product features in a flyer

We have summarised all new products for you clearly and compactly in our new products flyer.

Simply download the PDF here to always have our latest new products to hand - whether you're in the office or on the go.

The new Bartscher catalogue 2024 Valid from 01.01.2024

The brand-new Bartscher 2024 catalogue contains our full range of products including our new features on 436 pages.

If you'd prefer to look at an online version of our catalogue, you can download it here.

And remember: We'd be glad to present our products to you personally, talk about our new features, and provide you with comprehensive advice about technology for large kitchens. Just contact us!

Other downloads

From 01.12.2023, the new shipping cost table will apply, which you can view as a Bartscher retail partner in the login area.

New product videos on our YouTube channel

Have you already seen the new product videos on our YouTube channel?

Automatic coffee machine KV1 Classic: LINK

Automatic coffee machine KV1 Comfort: LINK

Automatic coffee machine Easy Black 250: LINK

To the YouTube channel

bartscher-warehouse.com New shop for spare parts, factory seconds, and special items

You can now visit our new Webshop at bartscher-warehouse.com to buy spare parts, special items, and used/overhauled products or products with slight appearance flaws at attractive market prices.

Start browsing right now: 

New product videos on our YouTube channel

Have you already seen the new product videos on our YouTube channel?

Click this link to watch the video on the Blender Pro Xtra 2.5L, art. no. 150182: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHyx1ITV5iM

Click this link to find out more about the features of our new contact grill "Panini-MDI" 1GR, art. no. A150976: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynbknsM--yA

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