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Bartscher catalogue 2024 Valid from 01.01.2024

The latest canteen equipment, innovative products and a product portfolio that ranges from A to Z - all from one source! You will find all this in our new Bartscher catalogue 2024.

Bartscher new products flyer 2024

Our extensive product range offers a solution for all needs. This flyer contains the Bartscher new products 2024.


Premium for professionals - Today, coffee connoisseurs have the same high expectations of a modern fully automatic coffee machine as of a barista. We can promise you: our series...

THERMAL SERIES 700FX A table-top appliance or a floor-standing appliance? Both are possible!

Regardless of how your kitchen is configured, the modular Series 700FX is easy to integrate and combine and can be arranged flexibly.

These appliances have an impressive finish with high-quality 18/10 stainless steel. The pressed stainless steel surface with its Scotch Brite finish ensures a long lifetime.

Bartscher rinsing technology Glasswashers | Universal dishwashers | Pass-through dishwashers etc.

Our mission with our dishwasher range: to offer a wide range in order to provide the right product for every application. 

From glassware and universal dishwashers with different basket sizes, to spacious pot washers, to high-performance 

Push-through and basket transport dishwashers. 

Bartscher cooking equipment

We have a broad product range including our bestsellers - the hot air oven through to premium Touch combi steamers - which focuses on what you actually need every day in the kitchen. Find your Bartscher appliance in this brochure.

MOBILE COOKING SOLUTIONS Modular, flexible, trendy:

Guests love front cooking when the selected dish is prepared right in front of their eyes and can be enjoyed with all their senses, even before they have tried the first bite. Bartscher's mobile cooking solutions offer completely new possibilities. 

These counters are ideally suited to offer; attractive, hygienic work in front of the guest and are also economically viable thanks to their modular flexibility. 

Bartscher Buffet-System The practical system for your own flexible buffet configuration

The Bartscher buffet system in a simple, food-safe wooden design with connecting system puts every buffet centre stage and, together with the various sets, forms a harmonious and clear overall look. The sets' compact size of 580 x 405 mm also combine effective economy of space with robust functionality - excellently tailored to suit the needs according to your wishes and number of guests.


Freshly, fragrant baked goods simply whet the appetite for rolls, croissants, cakes etc. and often tempt you to enjoy them spontaneously. Along with the freshness of baked goods, impulse purchases stimulated by the senses are also an argument for using in-store baking ovens. 

Of course, professionals have their own demands on in-store baking technology, which has to be matched to the products. No matter how...