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Installation and briefing flat-rate.

Please follow the following procedure.


  1. Order with Art. No. 099989 or Art. No 099985 + Art. No. state appliance
  2. Goods are delivered separately
  3. Bartscher will also commission the most suitable service partner.
  4. The service partner then coordinates the final appointments with your customers.
  5. The system connection and briefing takes place at the customer's premises. The customer needs to sign the form on site; this acts as a performance record.

We recommend giving the form to the customer when the purchase agreement is signed. This also contains all the following information!

Please bear the following information in mind.


Technical requirements that the customer needs to fulfil before a Bartscher dishwasher can be connected.

General / building-related requirements:

  • Sanitary intake and outlet valve within max. 1 metre around the planned device location.
    > Water outlet on the ground (DIN 50 mm ø)
    > Water outlet is higher or in the wall (DIN 50 mm ø) (...then additional equipment with outlet pump necessary) or substructure. (Art. No. 109688)
    > Water supply G 3/4 inch thread with shut-off cock
    > Cold water intake dynamic pressure 2-4 bar, for through-feed dishwashers min. 2.5-4 bar in operation available (test report) or
    > Hot water connection up to 50° possible (this speeds up the rinsing cycles)
    > Suitable water softening from 5° d. H. mandatory (assembly of additional softening and cleaning agent dosing systems against a surcharge)
  • Power connection 3 NAC 400 V / 16 A or 1 x NAC 220 V / 16 A depending on the device type (max. 1 metre away from the planned device site).
  • Industrial cleaning agent and rinse aid for the rinsing date, and also for further use because the device is set to the available product. Modifications to the products could have a significant negative impact on the rinsing result.

The flat-rate includes:

  • Installation and disposal of the packaging (Caution: the customer delivers the unpacked device to the installation site)
  • Connection to the supply network on site (electrics and sanitary)
  • Rinsing with the available chemicals
  • Briefing during the installation phase

All connections need to be freely accessible during assembly. Any other or additional work that is necessary because the above-mentioned requirements are not fulfilled must be billed separately at cost.