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Your personal barista for a coffee experience that's packed with taste!

Today's coffee lovers make the same demands of modern coffee machines as they do of a barista.

We can make you a promise: We can provide you with the ideal appliance for your needs.

Whether it's to be used in a kiosk, at the office, in a reception area or for demanding, everyday use in the catering trade.

The advantages of Series KV Impressive coffee that leaves no wishes unfulfilled

  • Powerful: With up to 90 cups of 120 ml per hour and top barista quality, these coffee machines are tailored to catering requirements.

  • Diverse: Up to 23 programs with adjustable parameters mean that all your wishes can be met and ensure the greatest possible coffee diversity.

  • Large: The extra-large coffee bean container can hold up to 1,000 g. The additional ground coffee option means that even special requirements such as decaffeinated coffee can be met.

  • Practical: For the supply of water, in addition to the use of the water tank, which holds up to 6 litres, there is the option of regulating the water supply via an external container or connecting the appliance up to the mains water to ensure completely smooth café catering operations.

  • Long-term use: So that your use of your coffee machine is successful in the long-term, too, we place a high value on correct cleaning and have developed various cleaning functions that make it really easy to clean your coffee machine, ensuring the best possible care and usage conditions.

  • Needs-based: The milk system is one of the most important components in a coffee machine. In the case of the appliances in Series KV, both the temperature and consistency can be individually adjusted using the flow control function, allowing you to decide whether you want firm, airy milk foam or a creamy more liquid effect.

The best in the world of professional coffee machines! Professional equipment that wins over the user at the first push of the button

Whether you want a coffee machine for a kiosk, office, reception area, or for demanding everyday catering, Series KV contains the perfect machine for all of these different usage areas, and always with the same quality attributes: Powerful, robust, efficient, diverse, user-friendly, and with an appealing design. Thanks to the individual features, Series KV offers unlimited possibilities for various requirements, combining really easy operation with top coffee enjoyment.

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The fully automatic coffee machines in comparison


 Easy Black 250

KV1 Classic 190052

KV1 Comfort 190031

Max. output (cups/hour) 40 of 120 ml 40 of 120 ml 40 of 120 ml
Number of programs 4 6 23
 Programs can be individually configured Parameters can be changed Yes Yes
Cleaning program Yes Yes Yes
2-cup function Yes YesYes
Cup counterPer program + totalPer program + totalPer program + total
Content of bean container 750 g 750 g 1,000 g
Ground coffee option (manual 5 - 14 g)Individual cupsIndividual cupsNo
Controllable coffee dosing Yes Yes Yes
Grinding level can be regulated 5 levels 5 levels 5 levels
Milk supplyVia external hoseVia external hoseVia external hose
Milk frother Yes Yes Yes
Water tank1.8 litre, detachable1.8 litre, detachable6 litre, detachable
Height-adjustable outlet80 - 115 mm100 - 160 mm110 - 165 mm
Automatic shutdown function Yes Yes Yes